We occasionally consign items to sale at our announced Live In-House Auctions. We handle the market study, presentation, advertising, sale and sales tax of items you consign with us. When your items sell, we retain a percentage of the selling price as payment for our services. There is no cost to consign items. Payment is made after auction is held, item/s are sold, and funds collected.

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What We Offer

We take consignments for our live in-house auctions. Consignments are taken by appointment after we have viewed pictures of  items to be consigned.  We accept items that are in good condition, clean, desirable & appealing. We do not consign plastic housewares, broken, dirty or smelly items. Send us a text or email with pictures of items you wish to consign. We will evaluate your items and answer back shortly. 

Please note: We limit acceptance of sizable dining room sets, fabric covered furnishings, entertainment centers, and dishware sets as the resale potential for these items is very low at the present time. 

As a Licensed and Bonded Auctioneer in Texas with 15+ years of experience, you can trust us to liquidate inventory or sell the contents of an estate in a professional manner. We’re committed to providing you with top notch auction services, and will work to get you the best value the market will allow for your items. Better than reselling,

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